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The Orgiastic Nature of Pathological "Empathy"

Some ways by which one could be pathologically "empathetic":

1) Remove AP in high school because it marginalizes those who are not academically talented.

2) Place a leash around freedom of speech because free expression might hurt someone's feelings.

3) Ban the criticism of vile religious dogma because practitioners of that religion will feel insulted.

4) Destroy the athletic chances of biological females as to celebrate the "right" of a trans woman (biological male).

5) Reject the epistemological supremacy of the scientific method because practitioners of "other ways of knowing" will be marginalized.

6) Reject the concept of national borders because good and noble people from other countries should not be excluded from being citizens of your country.

7) Tell white children that they suffer from Dermatological Original Sin because bruh systemic racism. It's important to be racist in order to fight racism.

8) Refuse to invite Dr. Gad Saad on mainstream progressive media because bruh he is a Jewish Nazi who fights for freedom of speech, individual dignity, and science.



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