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Shocking New Cases of Bigotry

I just came across some statistics that shook me to the core. I share these herewith with the hope that you will join me in ensuring that we achieve equality of outcomes across all human endeavors. Because remember, any differences in outcomes could only be due to bigotry.

73% of elliptical users are white => racism!

84% of bowling attendants are white men => white supremacy!

92% of users of Montreal pools are white => Jim Crow!

Only 3% of curlers are indigenous => indigenous-o-phobia!

My wife is a cisnormative woman => transphobia!

I call myself a man because I have male genitalia => Bigotry!

94% of hikers to the Grand Canyon were non-Asian => Asian hate!

Not a single Namibian has won the Nobel Prize => Decolonize science!

Darwin, Newton, Einstein were all men => The erasure of women in STEM!

No country from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation has ever won the World Cup => Islamophobia!

98% of Acapulco cliff divers are Mexican males => transgendered Bolivians are marginalized!

100% of bungee jumpers are non-Imams => Islamophobia!

86% of go cart customers are white => Racial segregation!

No Lebanese person has won any tennis grand slam event => Phoenicia-phobia!

Not a single non-binary person has ever been crowned the Japanese grand champion of sumo wrestling => Erasure of marginalized communities

I could go on, but this hopefully proves to you that we still have a long way to go before we can achieve the dream of becoming social ants, all equal with the exception of the queen (in my case, my queen would be Justin Trudeau).



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