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My Take on the LeBron Versus Zlatan Feud

Earlier today, I posted some thoughts on the matter on social media, which I subsequently uploaded on my YouTube channel and podcast. Here is the key transcript:

“Dear @KingJames, I watched your rebuttal to @Ibra_official's recommendation that athletes should stick to their sports. It is perfectly reasonable for people with your large platform to take public positions about all sorts of issues outside of sports. This is not the issue. The problem stems from the moral hypocrisy of your positions. I commend you for wanting to speak out against injustice, institutionalized bigotry, hatred, inequity, etc. BUT a moral person metes out their indignation at such ugly realities in a morally consistent manner & not as a function of the skin hues of the perpetrators or victims. Instead of speaking of "your people" (those with whom you share a skin hue), expand the moral circle to ALL people suffering from injustice. Hence, the Uyghur in China are deserving of your indignation. The Yazidi are deserving of your indignation. When you proclaim that there is a genocide of "your people" in the US whilst ignoring horrifying realities in the world because it goes against your commercial interests, it makes you a moral hypocrite (to be charitable). So please continue to speak out against injustice but do so in an honest, fair, and morally consistent manner. When I saw ISIS killing its fellow Muslims, I was immeasurably angry. The fact that I'm a Lebanese Jew who escaped persecution in Lebanon did not stop me from feeling for those victims. My allegiance is to ALL innocent people who are being mistreated in grotesque ways irrespective of their identity markers. You should aspire to the same global humanism and then you'll be a true champion. Cheers buddy.”

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