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Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the Narrative of Crimes Targeting Asian-Americans

Earlier today, I posted the following set of tweets, which I reproduce herewith:

“Dear Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Here is some data on race-based breakdowns of violent crimes in the US from the US government: I'd like to post Table 14 for your perusal.

You proclaim that the Atlanta shootings were due to anti-Asian hate by a white supremacist (it's not). Well, the table shows that 24.1% of violent incidents committed against Asian-Americans were by whites while 27.5% were committed by blacks. Given that whites constitute roughly six times the population of blacks in the US, the per capita adjustment is astounding in terms of blacks being the much larger perpetrators of violent crimes against Asian-Americans. Now I know that data are racist and that math is a form of white supremacy so I was hoping that you could explain to me how we might deal with such hateful facts that are being promulgated by the US government. We must abolish data for unity. It is more inclusive and equitable to deny data and science in the pursuit of ideological positions.”

As I explain on p. 150 of The Parasitic Mind: How Infectious Ideas Are Killing Common Sense: “Well, data have a pesky way of trashing the utopian dreams of delusional ideologues.”



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