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How to Design a Progressive Justice System and Liberal Public Security

Progressive mindset:

1) Borders are racist. National walls are white supremacy.

2) Defund the police, as it engages in structural racism.

3) Confiscate guns (weaken 2nd amendment) because mass shootings are committed by white supremacists.

4) Get rid of cash bail because that process marginalizes communities of color.

5) Eradicate the three strikes law because it is a racist law.

6) Refrain from prosecuting countless felonies because the US judicial system is built on white supremacy.

7) Eradicate the death penalty (even for repeat child killers) because bruh innocence and systemic racism.

8) Severity of a crime is judged based on the racial makeup of the perpetrator and the victim because bruh systemic racism. In doing so, implement a progressive judicial system akin to sharia law.

9) The penal system is antiquated because a criminal is really responding to the harsh environment that he/she faced (e.g., white supremacy). Rehabilitate, don't punish.

99% of my progressively liberal friends and colleagues SUPPORT these measures.

This list was posted originally on my social media, my YouTube channel, and on my podcast.

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